Deploying Coronet clients

Coronet SecureCloud clients ensure that your users access your cloud services from trusted devices and while connected to trusted networks.

The deployment of clients requires installation and activation.

You can download and install SecureCloud client applications from the following links:

Once installed, users should activate their SecureCloud client applications by using their corporate email address (*).

In case you would like to associate with your corporate account users who do not have a corporate email address, you can provide them with license keys to be used for device activation by following these steps:

  1. Go to MANAGEDevices in the console’s menu.
  2. Click the Add Users/Licenses button
  3. Type in users’ email address
  4. Check “Allocate new licenses” and allocate a few licenses for each user (typically 3-4 should be enough to be used by their different devices)
  5. Check “Send licenses to email
  6. Click OK

An email will be sent to these users with a list of license keys they can use to activate their Coronet SecureCloud application.

To encourage your users to users to install the Coronet client, you can activate Device Access Control for your cloud services. By doing so, and depending on the type of control you have selected, your users will be notified (as a request or as a requirement) to install and activate the Coronet client next time they login to these cloud services.   


(*) If your organization have more than one corporate domain you would like to associate with your SecureCloud account and use for device activation, please use this link to send a request to our support team.

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