Adding users

There are a few ways you can add your corporate users into the Coronet SecureCloud account.

When you are connecting a new cloud service to be protected (see Connecting to cloud services), users and user groups that are defined on this service are synchronized to Coronet SecureCloud. The synchronize process is automatic but may take up to 24 hours to complete.
If you would like to initiate an immediate synchronization, go to CONFIGURE → Services, click the three-dots icon () to the right of the service you wish to synchronize, and select Synchronize.

If you also activate Device Access Control for the cloud service, then, depending on the type of control you have selected, your users will be notified (as a request or as a requirement) to install and activate the Coronet client next time they login to this cloud service.   

Another way users are added to your SecureCloud account is by installing and activating Coronet clients (see Deploying Coronet clients). Users that activate the Coronet client on any of their devices using their corporate email address will be associated with your SecureCloud account and will be added to your email list.

You can manually add users by providing their email address. This is especially useful if you would like to associate with your corporate account users who do not have a corporate email address and are not registered within your cloud services. To manually add users, follow these steps:

  1. Go to MANAGEDevices in the console’s menu.
  2. Click the Add Users/Licenses button
  3. Type in users’ email address
  4. Check “Allocate new licenses” and allocate a few licenses for each user (typically 3-4 should be enough to be used by their different devices)
  5. Check “Send licenses to email
  6. Click OK


If a user is added by more than one of the above ways (e.g. if a user is recorded in more than one service), Coronet will merge all records into a single user record.

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