Connecting to cloud services in SecureCloud

Coronet SecureCloud was designed to protect your cloud services. To implement the protection, the Coronet server needs to communicate with your cloud service to monitor and detect abnormal user and service activities, and to allow you to enforce risk mitigation action in case of security events.

Coronet SecureCloud protects the most common cloud services. You can easily add any of the supported services (*) by following these steps:

  1. Go to CONFIGURE→Services in the console’s menu.
  2. Click the Add Service button
  3. Select the service you would like to protect
  4. Follow the detailed steps to implement the connection.
    At relevant steps you can click the "Show screenshot" link to clearly see what fields and buttons you need to use.
  5. Select one of the Device Access Control options (for details, please check the Device Access Control guide)
  6. Click the Test button to test the connectivity between the Coronet server and the cloud service
  7. If connectivity fails, please re-check your configuration
  8. Once connectivity is successful, click the Test and Save button to save your settings.


After the service is connected, the Coronet server will communicate with the cloud service and start monitor it. Please note that although most information is communicated from the cloud service in near-real-time, some cloud service activity records are batch-processed by the cloud service, which might cause some delays between the activity time and the time it appears on the Coronet Console.

Events of abnormal activity will be triggered and risk mitigation actions will be taken based on defined security rules (see the Default security rules guide and the Setting up customized security rules guide).

You can find the list of triggered events under INVESTIGATE→Events in the console’s menu, and you can find a service activity log under INVESTIGATE→Services in the console’s menu.


(*) Additional SaaS services, custom service integration and IaaS/PaaS support are available for paid accounts. Please contact our sales team for more details.

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