The Coronet Client application

The Coronet client application is an important part of protecting corporate cloud services, as it ensures that corporate users access cloud services from trusted devices and while connected to trusted networks.
For more details on the deployment of Coronet clients within your organization, see the Deploying Coronet clients guide.

From the corporate employee’s perspective, the Coronet client application provides useful information about the security of the currently connected wireless network, as well as potential security vulnerabilities of her laptop or smartphone.


Installation and activation

  • Download the Coronet application from these links:
    Windows - use this link
    Mac OS - use this link
    Android - download from the Google store at this link
    iOS - download from the Apple store at this link
  • Install and launch the application
  • Activate your license using your corporate email address or the enrollment code you got from your IT team



The Coronet client application runs as a service on your device and usually stays in the background. There are some cases in which you would interact with the Coronet client application:

  • You decide to launch the application to check your device security health status, your wireless connectivity security, and the connectivity status to your corporate cloud services.
  • You have connected to a potentially harmful Wi-Fi network, or to one which is incompliant with your organization policy. In this case, the Coronet application will alert you about the connectivity security event.
  • You are trying to login to a corporate cloud service for which your IT team mandated a Device Authentication step. In this case, when you try to login, you will be asked to click the “Authenticate” button at the Coronet client application on your device.


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