Starting up

Coronet has spent a lot of effort to make your experience as effortless as possible.

To get started, you need to spend a few minutes setting SecureCloud up. 
This guide will walk you through the two simple steps that will get you running.

First, note that when you first log into the Coronet SecureCloud console, you are in what we call Visibility Mode. What that means is that the system is observing your users’ behavior and will send you alerts if anything happens that triggers our default rules. Switch to Protection mode, and the platform will not only alert you, but also take action on your behalf completely automatically. Protection mode will also allow you to edit and create rules of your own (for mode details, see the Visibility Mode and Protection Mode guide)

To get started you need to do only two things: Connect the services you want us to protect, and distribute the Coronet application to your users devices – it can be any type of device, owned by the users or by the company.

To connect services, follow these steps (see the Connecting to cloud services guide for more details):

  • Go to the CONFIGURE→Services menu, then click on the Add Service button
  • A list of services will appear. Choose the service you wish to connect.
  • A step by step guide will appear on how to connect the service. Each service will have a different guide, and all of them will have two things in common:
    • The guide will walk you through each step you need to take
    • It will even have screenshots of the screens you need to use within the service you are connecting.
  • Once the service is configured, Click Test and Save and you are done with the first service.
  • If you have other services you wish to connect, just repeat the process for each one.


The second thing you need to do is distribute the Coronet client to devices to make sure that SecureCloud is able to verify that the device is not compromised, and that the network the user is using is safe.

To do that, follow these steps (see the Deploying Coronet clients guide for more details and alternative deployment options):

  • Go to the MANAGE→Devices menu, then click the Add Users/Enrollment codes button, then either enter a list of emails of your users you wish to invite to use the client, or import one by clicking on Import emails from files
  • Check the Allocate new enrollment codes checkbox and choose how many licenses you wish to allocate to each user. Our recommendation is 3, as many users will have at least 2 devices. And because we do not charge you by device, why not make it easier on yourself…
  • Click OK – and an email will go out to that user list with instructions on what to do.
  • After the users click on the download link, an app will be installed on their device (and of course, we have an app for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android).
    When they use the app for the first time, they will be walked through a very short set up process, that will also assure them that you and us are not collecting any private information.


That’s it. You are now ready to use the SecureCloud, and within a day or two, you will start seeing information under the INVESTIGATE menu

If you go to the INVESTIGATE→Devices menu, you will be able to see what vulnerabilities exist on your users’ devices.

If you go to the INVESTIGATE→Services menu, you will be able to see all of the actions that were performed the cloud services you connected to SecureCloud

By going to the INVESTIGATE→Events menu, you’ll be able to see any risks or security events the platform identified

And by clicking on INVESTIGATE→Connections, you will be able to see where people are connecting to your services from.

Once you are ready to do so, you can switch the platform to Protection Mode, and customize your rules (see the Setting up customized security rules guide).

Enjoy your free protection for the cloud, from the Coronet team.

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