How to Remove SecureCloud Licenses

Once a service is connected and synced with Coronet, protectable user's email addresses (are licensed with the cloud service license) are imported/synchronized into the Coronet console.

When a trial account is created ALL synced users are assigned a Coronet license.


Once the trial account will be invoiced by the Coronet Billing team, there might be a need to manually adjust the number of Coronet licensed users. Exceeding the number of paid subscribers will result in removing all Coronet licenses from the users.

Coronet allows a grace period of 14 days for adjusting the number of Coronet licensed users:



If there is a need to remove Coronet licenses to users, please follow the below steps:

1. Sign in to the Coronet Console:


2. From the main menu: MANAGE > Users


3. Filter/Check the users for which you require to remove a license. 

Filters: It is possible to filter users by clicking on the Filter button:



Select /Check the users you want to remove Coronet licenses from.



4. From the Bulk Actions button, scroll down and click on Remove user's license


 5. You will receive an alert that the Licenses have been removed. 




6. Unlicensed users will be greyed out and the License Assigned field unchecked.


The number of licensed users in the dashboard will update


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