How to use automatic client activation


The automatic client activation feature is designed to support mass deployment of Coronet clients using automatic deployment tools.

This article explains how to use this feature. 

Note: at the moment automatic activation is available for Windows endpoints only.

Downloading the MSI file(s)

  • Login to your Coronet console
  • Go to your account menu (click the user icon at the top right corner) and select Download clientsmceclip1.png
  • If you wish the installation to be visible to end users or you are going to perform manual installation, download the "regular endpoint installer" MSI file. If you wish to perform a silent install, download the two "silent installers" MSI files: 

Get your site activation code

  • Go to MANAGE/Users
  • In the Users table, look for a new 'mock' user named unassociated_clients@[your customer ID]. You can use the table filter to easily find this user (type "Unassociated Coronet clients" in the Name field)
  • Click the 3-dots menu at the right side of the unassociated clients record and select Site activation code :
  • Use the copy icon to copy the site activation code and write it down or save it somewhere:
  • You can generate a new code if you wish, e.g. to differentiate between installment batches, but please note that only the latest code can be used for activation. Older codes will no longer be valid.

Deploy the Coronet clients

  • Use your software deployment tool (GPO, SCCM, etc.) to deploy the Coronet MSIs with the copied site activation code
  • Please note:
    • Install is per user, not per machine
    • Install requires admin privileges
  • For installation visible to the end user:
    • Use the "regular endpoint installer" MSI file you have downloaded
    • Use the following command:
      msiexec /i [Coronet regular installer].msi CORONETCODE="[Your site activation code]"
  • For silent installation:
    • Use the "silent installers" MSI files you have downloaded
    • First install the Coronet agent MSI using the following command:
      msiexec /qn /i [Coronet agent installer].msi
    • Then install the Coronet client MSI using the following command:
      msiexec /qn /i [Coronet client installer].msi CORONETCODE="[Your site activation code]"


Associating clients to users

  • When using manual client activation you are required to provide the user's corporate email or an enrollment code associated with this user. This allows us to associate this Coronet client to a specific user record.
  • When using automatic client activation using a site activation code, we don't necessarily know to which user should we associate this client. So initially, all clients that have been installed using the above method will be added as devices of the mock unassociated_clients user.
  • There are two ways you can associate unassociated clients to your users from the Coronet console:
    • If your users login to their devices using their email address or their UPN you can use automatic association:
      • In the Users table, find the unassociated_clients@[your customer ID] mock user record
      • Click the 3-dots menu at the right side of the unassociated clients record and select Automatically associate with users :
      • Coronet will then try to match the device user's login username with known user emails and UPN records and associate the client accordingly.
    • Use manual association:
      • In the Users table, find the unassociated_clients@[your customer ID] mock user record and click it to see all the clients (devices) associated with it.
      • For each device record in the Devices section, look at the device details (device model, host name, user login) to understand who is this user
      • Right-click the 3-dots menu at the right side of this device record and select Associate with different user and provide the email address of the device users:
    • Alternatively, you can open the "Device users" table, potentially filtered for unassociated_clients user, and use individual record action or bulk action to automatically or manually associate devices with users. 
  • You can also associate a Coronet client with a user directly from the endpoint client application:
    • Open the client application and go to the About section
    • Click the Associate with a different user linkmceclip8.png
    • Type in the user's email address or allocated enrollment code
    • Verify the association using either your site activation code or the verification code sent by email to the newly associated user. 

Protecting the unassociated_clients user

  • Just like a "regular" user, the devices of the unassociated_clients mock user can be protected against malware and vulnerabilities.
  • To protect these devices simply make sure you have allocated a Coronet license to this user and that your Device Access and Network Access rules are applied to this user.
  • Be aware that the unassociated_clients mock user is part of the built-in Everyone group, so if your rules apply to all users, they will also apply to your unassociated devices.



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