Add Licenses from the Coronet Console

Customer Instructions 

Coronet customers can easily add licenses from the Coronet Web Portal.  Follow these simple steps to update your license count and see the updated pricing.  If you have any issues, you are always welcome to contact Coronet’s Customer Success Team.  Instructions follow: 

  1. Go to your Coronet DASHBOARD 
  2. Select the USER ICON in the top right corner (click highlighted area)blobid0.png
  3. Select BILLING from the dropdown menu (click highlighted area) blobid1.png
  4. Select CHANGE NUMBER OF LICENSES in the Billing Details section (click highlighted area) blobid2.png
  5. Enter the total amount of USER PROTECTION LICENSES you need (see the numeric field) 
  6. Select UPDATE NUMBER OF LICENSES (click blue button) blobid3.png
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