Connect Your Box Account to Coro

Stage 1: Creating Application

  1. To create a new application, log into your Box developer console( and click on Create New app.Step_1.png
  2. Choose Enterprise Integration and click Next
  3. Choose OAuth 2 with JWT (Server Authentication) option and click Next.Step_1.3.png
  4. Give your application a name and click on Create app.Step_1.4.png
  5. In the confirmation screen, select View your app.

Stage 2: Configure Application

  1. In the configuration screen, set the following permissions and then click Save changes.
    1. Application access: select Enterprise 
    2. Application scopes: select all options 
    3. Advanced features: select both options.2_1.png
  2. Select Generate a Public/Private keypair. Note that you will be required to confirm the operation with 2FA (two-factor-authentication) process. Save the promoted file, this file will be used later by the Coronet console as the configuration file.2_2.png
  3. Copy the Client ID and save it as the API key.2_3.png
  4. To authorize the new app go to Box setting page (, and select the Apps tab.2_4.png
  5. Click on the Authorize New App button.2_5.png
  6. In the ‘App authorization’ pop-up window enter the saved API key and select Next.2_6.png
  7. Click the Authorize button in the new popup window. The new app will be added to the Customer Applications.     2_7.png

Stage 3: Upload Configuration File to Coro


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