Troubleshooting Google Workspace (G-Suite) connection to Coro


If you experience difficulties when trying to connect Google Workspace (a.k.a. G-Suite) to Coro, please take the following steps:


1. Validate that you are a Super Admin User

Login to your Google's Admin console ( using a Super Admin User account.

Navigate to "Directory/Users", filter the user list by "Admin role: "Super admin"" and make sure you are in the list:



2. Review App access control settings

In the Google's Admin console, navigate to "Security/Access and data control/API Controls" (

a) Make sure that the "Block all third-party API access" option is unchecked

b) Make sure the "Trust internal, domain-owned apps" option is checked



3. Add Coro as a “Trusted” OAuth app

While in the "Security/Access and data control/API Controls" screen, click the "MANAGE THIRD-PARTY APP ACCESS" link (



Click the “Add App” link and select the “OAuth App Name or Client ID” option:



Search for “Coro” and select the Coro app:



In the next Client ID screen, check the Coro client ID link and click "SELECT":



In the next App Access screen, select "Trusted: Can access all Google services" and click "CONFIGURE":


Note: If the app is already configured you might get an error message at this stage.


4. Go back to the Coro login page and try to reconnect to your Google Workspace service.

Note: Google updates their UI/UX from time-to-time without alerting developers or users.  Please contact if the above screenshots or directions look different from what you're seeing in your Google Admin portal.  Thank you!




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